In Ursula we serve two different filter coffees, both are organic Fair Trade coffees made specifically for us.

Aava coffee is roasted responsibly and organically. It’s a light roast of a degree of 2.

Tyyni is our own roast from Paulig Roastery Porvoo. Tyyni coffee beans get their delicate acidity and nutty flavor from the hills of Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria mountain range. Tyyni is roasted with the energy made from biogas and self-generated solarpower. It’s roast degree is 4.

Our Tyrsky is an espresso blend also from Paulig Roastery Porvoo. The beans are roasted just for us and make for a soft and delicious flavour for your cappuccinos and cafe lattes.

If you end up liking our coffees as much as we do, you can buy them in small packages for home-use!